The Best Fried Cracked Conch 15.99

Bahamian Queen Conch lightly breaded and deep fried,
served with cocktail and tartar sauces

Lazy Conch 14.99

Tenderized Bahamian Queen Conch encrusted with panko bread crumbs,
sautéed, topped with fresh diced tomatoes, scallions, fresh grated
parmesan cheese and our homemade key lime butter

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 14.99

The Biggest and Best in the Keys

Oysters Moscow 12.99

Four fresh raw oysters topped with our special horseradish sauce and red and black caviar

Oysters Rockefeller 14.99

Six fresh oysters topped with spinach, onions and our Pernod cream sauce,
topped with three way cheese and baked to perfection

Crab Dip 13.99

Blue crab meat with artichoke hearts, red pimentos and cream cheese baked until golden brown and served with toasted French bread

Tuna Tartare 15.99

Raw Yellowfin Saku Tuna mixed with onions, avocado, soy sauce and a blend of
spices, served with crispy fried wonton strips and our creamy wasabi sauce

Baked Brie 12.99

Warm brie topped with our special lingonberry sauce, complimented with fresh apple slices, grapes and toast points

Escargot 13.99

One dozen escargot sautéed with shallots, mushrooms, fresh herbs,
garlic butter and olive oil, topped with provolone cheese and baked
until golden brown, served with toast points

Lazy Gator 14.99

Tenderized alligator encrusted with Pando bread crumbs, sautéed, topped with diced tomatoes, scallions, parmesan cheese and our homemade key lime butter

Sesame Seared Tuna 14.99

Yellowfin Saku Tuna encrusted with black and white sesame seeds, seared to your desired
temperature, sliced and served with seaweed salad, fresh ginger, wasabi
and soy sauce on the side

Conch Ceviche 15.99

Minced Bahamian Queen Conch mixed with lime juice, onion, tomato, cucumber
and cilantro, served with fresh avocado and homemade tortilla chips


Fried Calamari 11.99

Lightly breaded and deep fried served with our homemade marinara sauce

Crab Cake 11.99

Baked and topped with key lime butter and Keys style béarnaise sauce

Coconut Fried Shrimp (6) 10.99

Hand breaded to order and served with mango chutney

Buffalo Style Shrimp (6) 10.99

Hand breaded to order and dipped in buffalo sauce served with bleu cheese dressing

Conch Fritters (10) 10.99

Homemade Bahamia style served with cocktail sauce

Peel and Eat Shrimp 1/2 lb. 11.99 ~ 1 lb. 19.99

Served hot or cold

Raw Oysters 1/2 dozen 9.99 ~ 1 dozen 15.99

Lazy Days Clams 11.99

Baked with hearty garlic, sweet bell pepper, apple smoked bacon and melted cheese

Steamers (12) 14.99

Middle necks steamed in garlic broth with parsley and parmesan cheese

Chicken Wings 11.99

Lightly breaded and fried with mild, medium or hot sauce with bleu cheese and celery

Homemade Mozzarella Sticks 6.99

Served with homemade marinara sauce

Potato Skins 6.99

Served with bacon, cheese and sour cream


Homemade Soup Du Jour Cup ~ 4.99 Bowl ~ 5.99

Homemade Conch Chowder Cup ~ 4.99 Bowl ~ 5.99

Homemade Seafood Bisque (only available Fri.-Sat.) Cup ~ 4.99 Bowl ~ 5.99

French Onion Soup Crock ~ 5.99


Mixed House Salad Small ~ 4.99 Large ~ 7.99

Caesar Salad Small ~ 5.99 Large ~ 9.99

Greek Salad Small ~ 7.99 Large ~ 12.99

Classic Greek with a scoop of potato salad, romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, pepperoncini, kalamata olives, feta cheese and served with Italian dressing

Add to your salad:

Chicken ~ 7.99
Fish of the Day ~ 9.99
Premium Fish ~ 11.99
Shrimp (Blackened, fried or grilled) ~ 9.99


Billings Salad 17.99

Large mixed green salad with coconut fried shrimp, apples, grapes, fried cream cheese, topped with raspberry vinaigrette dressing and sprinkled with caramelized walnuts

Key West Salad 17.99

Large spinach salad with coconut fried shrimp with sliced peaches, mandarin oranges, grapes and fried mozzarella cheese with raspberry vinaigrette and sprinkled with toasted almonds

Tyson Salad 17.99

Large house salad with coconut fried shrimp, asparagus, avocado, boiled eggs and served with your choice of dressing

Crab & Asparagus 17.99

Large house salad with crab meat, asparagus, sliced avocado and homemade ginger dressing

San Marco 15.99

A bed of romaine lettuce topped with hearts of palm, white asparagus, artichoke, cucumber, tomato and red onions, served with your choice of dressing


All Menu Items Are Available For Take Out